If you’ve ever wanted to experience the “grass roots” type of flying, then you need to get your tailwheel endorsement. You remember your first takeoff in an airplane? You won’t forget your first takeoff in a taildragger. It’s a milestone all pilots should seek. Getting some experience in a tailwheel airplane will improve your stick and rudder skills like nothing else. There’s no room for lazy feet in a tailwheel, and after it’s all said and done, you will be a more polished and confident pilot.

Note: Our Stinson 108-3 is the perfect training aircraft for tailwheel instruction. Student and instructor will sit side-by-side rather inline. So student and instructor are able to observe each other rather guessing.

Who Can get a Tailwheel Endorsement?

To act as PIC in a tailwheel, you must receive flight training and a logbook endorsement from a certified flight instructor.

Flight Time Requirements

There is no specific flight time requirement to receive a tailwheel endorsement.

Ground Instruction

Ground instruction will include discussions of taxi, takeoff, and landing procedures in tailwheel airplanes along with important differences between tailwheel and tricycle gear airplanes.

The Written Knowledge Test

There is no requirement for a knowledge test

The Practical Test

There is no requirement for a practical test

How Long will it Take?

Depending on pilot proficiency and skill level, one can expect to fly anywhere from 3 to 10 hours before receiving a logbook endorsement.

How much will it Cost?

Tailwheel Clinic
Beginner(2) Expert(3)
Fee $3,100 $2,100
Aerial 10 hours 5 hours
Ground 8 hours 5 hours

(2) Pilots with less than 250 TT
(3) Pilots with more than 250 TT